2 min readSep 19, 2021


The numbers are rising but it’s okay because Singapore’s vaccination score is A1.

I wrote that 2 days ago. Well, scrap that. We are shooting upwards quickly towards the 2000s.

And everyone’s an expert on policy-making now: From the auntie on the train, the NSF with his buddy at the park connector, the dude in the business suit and of course, the taxi driver... Many of them make valid points, but what is the crux of the problem?

In climbing (bouldering), the crux is the most difficult move or part of the problem. It’s scary as hell and it cripples you when you’re up on the wall. Fun fact, if you remember the climbing injury I sustained… It was from a sketchy move I failed at the crux of a bouldering problem. I failed to make the right move, and I paid the price.

I believe the crux of this covid problem in Singapore has and always will be, the hospital system. If we don’t overload the hospital system, our people have a fighting chance.

Yes, the manpower crunch and slow administration of home quarantine orders is a problem… The system is crawling to catch up with the number of cases and to allocate the right resources to them. Yes, we are trailing behind (and let’s hope the SAF manpower channelled to this will bring the much-needed boost)…

Not having a hang out in groups of 5 or 8 or 3 is a slight inconvenience but it would protect yourself and the community. We get to break the chain, or at least limit the spread, or let the spread spread in a controlled manner.

The dude in the business suit says, endemic my foot, this is like a lockdown… Dude, just because we want it to be endemic, doesn’t mean you throw all caution to the wind. We have to build our systems and people to a point where we can live in an endemic. With all of you whining about how tough it is, obviously, we are not ready.

The ultimate goal of the government in this crisis is not to keep us happy, it is to keep us ALIVE. When life is lost, all is lost.

To keep us alive and breathing, the government has:

  • increased the number of available ICU beds
  • vaccinating our citizens
  • identify clusters so you can avoid crowded places

So everyone is complaining about how their social rights are affected when the hang out size goes from 5 to 2 (I quote the NSF who asked: why not 3, why 2?). Boohoo… Well, DID YOU DIE?




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