Air Forced One

2 min readApr 28, 2022


You are stuck on a metal tube zipping in the sky at over 300km/h and more than 35,000 ft in the air. As life would have it, you are thrown a curveball and SOMETHING is going to happen on the plane.

Would you rather be on the plane and…

  1. hear a Christian serenade sing a worship song

Here’s what I think… None of you would have been upset if it was a golden buzzer performance. If he had angelic pipes, or looked like Brad Pitt, he would probably have rose to internet stardom. So shame on you fickle keyboard warriors.

True story but Jesus probably didn’t look like he emerged with golden locks from a shampoo commercial. Now you can understand why He was scorned.

2. be stuck in a toilet for the entirety of the flight

If you chose this over 1 then you are full of shhhhhh… and you deserve the loo with poo. Don’t forget all the complaints you’ve made about leg room, squeezy seats, reclining chairs on a 30-min flight…

3. have a flight steward who is harassing his female colleague

If you chose this over 1… Then Kudos to you because I believe you chose this so you could be there to STOP IT from happening. Yes? You would be a real hero, instead of typing trash online.

4. get punched by the one and only, Mike Tyson

If you chose this over 1 then you deserve to have a slice of your ear bitten off.

Out of all these real life situations, guess which one caused the biggest furore in Singapore with multiple Reddit threads dedicated to it? Gasp! Who would have guessed number 1?

Jonathan, I don’t know you but I don’t think you deserved the flak you got. You do you buddy. Haters gonna hate.




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