Cancel Culture? Let’s Cancel Covid instead.

1 min readOct 28, 2021


Cancel Culture is here to stay. The Internet Mob sharpen their pitchforks and oil their torches as I write. The lynching is scheduled. Ready to join the witch hunt? Watch out, because you could be next.

Cancel Kenny Lek. Cancel Sylvia Chan. Cancel Ryan??

Well the internet is flipping prata on Ryan. Good? Bad? Good? Singaporeans love their drama and dirt digging. But you know what Singaporeans don’t love? Covid.

So here’s my proposal: Why not we take all of this dissent, roll it into a ball, and throw it right at the anti-vaxxers.

Leave out those who cannot-be-vaxxed-for-medical-reasons. But those mongering conspiracy theories? Let’s get those. Let’s wipe them off the Facebook, off WhatsApp, off Telegram.

“They’re trying to kill us!” they cry. Oh, the irony. We’re trying to save you…

With our powers combined, we can ring fence the anti-vaxxers, keep them hiding at home. We’ll keep them at bay long enough till there’s herd immunity.

Then just maybe, then… Singapore would be a step closer to being a safer place for every one. The Internet saves the day! We’ve cancelled Covid!

Rant over.




renting this space to rant.