Should you let your friends pee on you?

1 min readMar 24, 2021

The answer is no.

Exception: only if a jellyfish stings you. Wait, apparently that’s a myth too.

So it seems under NO circumstances should you allow someone to pee on you. No wonder netizens are so pissed off about the recent Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s hazing incident. For the uninitiated about the NP hazing, read this Mothership piece. Even though the “victim” claims that it was consensual, the case has escalated into a police case.

Frankly, such things happen all the time in schools. Sometimes, people think it is harmless fun. I remember back in school when it was a thing to “flagpole” someone or put flour in their underwear. It’s always funny until it’s your turn… So when does too far go too far?

Here’s a simple guideline… If it is something you cannot tell or show your teacher without getting into trouble, then it probably is too much.

Anyway, I hope those kids get a break soon. It was stupid but not the worst thing in Singapore school-related issues… NUS takes the cake for that.




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